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Local operations team on-call 24 hours a day, available to work at a moment’s notice.

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free medical transportation

Did you know that you may qualify for FREE transportation to your next medical appointment? If you are covered under any Medicaid program,

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Our company

  • Gallant Luxury Service is NYC’s fastest growing Medical Transportation Provider. We specialize solely in Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. We are family owned and operated business, MWBE Certified, and licensed by the Taxi and Limousine Commission (Lic. #B02901) and by the NYS Department of Health. We have a motivated group of individuals that carry out the company tasks on a daily basis. We proudly hold an excellent performance record for all trips.

    Our Team

  • We have built our business model around our passenger priorities. •We transport patients of all ages and demographic background. •Some patients require transportation several times a week for treatments like chemotherapy, dialysis, and physical therapy, we are always there, always on time. •We understand the significance of our roll in a patient’s quality of life. •Our service will benefit every passenger year-round, day or night, rain or shine.

    Our Passengers

  • Our drivers are professional, motivated, and fully licensed and insured. We proudly hold an excellent performance record for all trips. We take great pride in the positive reviews we constantly receive for our timely and effective service. Our drivers and their cars far exceed the strict requirements imposed by the city and the state laws.

    Our Drivers

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What Our Customers Say

Reviews from Google. Madiha Zubair

I used the Gallant Luxury Car Service and it was great. Nice drivers and prompt with the communication. Reliable and good service.

Reviews from Google. Carolyn Emigholz

Great car service,
very reliable. Drivers are punctual, polite and their driving was excellent felt safe in their vehicle. Will definitely continue to use this car service.

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